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Results of the Seven Day Hydration Challenge & the next step


As I stated in my original post announcing this challenge, I’d fallen off the hydration wagon pretty hard. When you take a long break from something that was once second-nature, pressing the reset button is easier said than done. I originally said I would consume 65 oz of water everyday from Jan 1st – 7th. Quickly realized that wasn’t going to be as easy as I’d hoped, I barely made it to 32 oz each day. It was a struggle because I still wanted seltzer water more than plain water so I found myself falling short of this goal pretty quickly. Not one to give up, I decided to modify my original goal & reduced my water consumption to 32 oz each day.


I was able to consume 32 oz plain H20 each day with ease. I felt satisfied with my progress and less full with fewer urgent bathroom breaks. So, first nutrition challenge of the year accomplished! 

On January 8th, I needed a new challenge. This one would include limits. See, I tend to snack a bit, a habit that results in added pounds and indigestion. Neither of which is too appealing or healthy. So I decided to set a cutoff time for eating, and that time is 10pm (for now). I know that sounds crazy late but I tend to go to bed crazy late, as in after midnight, so it’s 10pm for now. That has been my challenge from Jan 8th – 14th.

And ya know what, I’m already noticing I’m sleeping better and wake up feeling better. Even the lightest late night snack has me feeling foggy when I wake. Not just that but I’m never hungry for breakfast so I tend to eat my first meal around late afternoon. I prefer to wake up with an empty stomach, and this small change is helping me do that. Gradual gains.

Now today is Jan 14th, so I need a new challenge right? I like 7 day spurts. Short enough not to bore me and long enough to keep my focus on the aspect of achievement. 

My third seven-day challenge brings me back to water. Now that I’ve won the battle of 32 oz per day, I’m ready to add another 32 oz to help me reach my original goal of 65 oz. Then I’ll be content with the amount of water I take in daily to ensure I’m hydrated and my skin, hair, and nails don’t dry out. Vanity and health really do go hand in hand.

Have you set any new challenges for yourself in 2013? How’s it going?

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