There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

30 days: 9 pounds, 3 inches…and miles to go before I sleep….and miles to go before I sleep


For you literary buffs, you’ll probably recognize that last line from Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening“, a poem that is near & dear to my heart.

So this week in 90 Day Challenge news, I was faced with ugly hormonal cravings & decided to switch up the pace on the fitness front. I mentioned that  I need variety or I get bored,  so the week started with a 30-minute Sweat workout from P90 and that was my intended plan for the week but after the first day I changed my plan, opting for a more varied, exciting direction. Not that there’s anything wrong with P90, it’s a solid 30 minutes of cardio that produced a nice sweat for the asking but I found myself getting a little bored so I mapped out a new plan that seems to be working so far. It’s pretty simple – I tackle a different workout every day, pulling from my Fitness folder that has occupied my MAC’s desktop for some time, as well as my  Workout board on Pinterest  & of course, all the amazing workout options via You Tube.

Here’s some of the workouts I followed this week:

My wrists were a little sore by the third set, but I definitely felt it!

Okay, this workout is killer! It’s only 12 minutes but it’s an intense, full-body workout & I was so glad when it ended!

Core Burner

I felt this the next day, Planks are no joke! I couldn’t last an entire minute for every exercise but I definitely did better than I thought I would! 🙂

Burn 100 Calories

I did this workout today & it’s another fire-starter! By fire-starter, I mean it fires up the fat-burning levels in the body which I normally won’t truly feel until the next day….. hate it now/ love it later!

Now that I’m 36 days in, I’m happy to report that so far, I’ve lost 9 pounds & 3 inches from my waist. My next weigh-in is 10 days away & next week, I plan to create my own Six Day Boot camp to boost my efforts & reach my goals…

Summer’s coming y’all! 🙂







4 comments on “30 days: 9 pounds, 3 inches…and miles to go before I sleep….and miles to go before I sleep

  1. Marpay Fitness
    April 19, 2013

    Thank you for sharing “The Core Challenge” picture. I’ll have to try that out sometime. Cheers!

    • suite7beautytalk
      April 19, 2013

      You’re welcome, definitely worth a try! : )

      • Bee
        April 20, 2013

        Which challenge is this that you’re doing? Would this happen to be the Visalus 90 Day Challenge??

      • suite7beautytalk
        June 24, 2013

        Yup! Love it! : )


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