There are seven fundamental types of catastrophes. Beauty is not one of them.

The difficulty of going green & what no one tells you….

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As I’ve mentioned before, change is hard. And going green is not without its own set of challenges.

Yesterday, my sister was teasing me about the commercial products I use while blogging about going green. Make no mistake, I practice what I preach! I only use body oils, dry brush several times a week but if my journey were complete, there’d be no need to talk about making changes to go green because I’d already be there. But I’m not there, as I’ve said, I have lots more changes to make. LOTS. And I plan to blog about these changes as I make them.

As much as I love reading books, articles & blogs about green beauty, I rarely see anyone discussing the challenges of making the switch. It’s far easier to replace household cleaning products than hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of foundation, lipstick, nail polish, face serums, powders and hair products. It’s tough.

I know the health benefits of making these changes but having spent years adding to my collection, makes it difficult emotionally and monetarily to just trash it all!

Let’s face it ~ natural, organic, and nontoxic products are not exactly lining the clearance shelves at Ulta. It’s going to take some time to replace all of my beauty categories, but I plan to enjoy the process and keep you updated along the way.

For instance, tomorrow I’m going to cancel my subscriptions to Ipsy & Birchbox. And I plan to replace them with a natural beauty club option instead.

* By the way, I plan to hold a giveaway to clear out my inventory once I reach 100 subscribers. If you like my blog or if any of the posts stand out to you, please feel free to share them on your social media networks! It would help me reach my goal faster & hold my first giveaway sooner than later!

please & thank you.   🙂


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